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We are a passionate team of German-speaking software-development experts who innovatively support our international clients. We take an idea from the first consultation all the way through to the implementation, may it be web applications UI/UX, firewalls and server performances.

Besides our competencies as a professional team of developers, we also have access to a broad network of partners and freelancers. Known as TeamEthyria we can also be found in the world of Minecraft, which is where we develop and produce new creative ways of making the gaming experience immensely more fun for you! Our constantly growing team consists of excellent web architects who know how to transform conventional maps into 3D-adventures, which are rich in detail.

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Awesome content creators


Finished projects


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In the beginning was the idea

Our efficient work strategy is reflected in the professional, swift and structured way in which we successfully approach each of our projects. We love working on extravagant and complex websites just as much as the conventional development of web applications. Where there’s a dream, we’ve already begun with the realisation and implementation. Our web team is looking forward to turning your thoughts into groundbreaking code that inspires your customers.


Individuality with character

It inspires us to inspire others. The success of our individual texture packs becomes apparent, especially in the Minecraft marketplace, as they have been designed with love, attention to detail and a great amount of passion, to help the hearts of gamers beat faster. Curious to take the next step? We will guide the way!


Honest. Scalable. Transparent.

We build applications that make sense and generate demand. Our certain sensitivity to interface, user-friendliness, performance and gamification turns customers into partners and users into fans. Tell us about your idea, because we would love to support you in your journey to digital success, whether on desktop or mobile.


Beauty within reflects outwardly

To have a strong presence in a digital age, one has to be able to stand out. Our customers profit from our non-binding, accessible consultancy services, which support the external representation of the key elements of a company. From designing logos, to websites and even hosting, Full-service on eye level.



In a world of dreams, everything is possible

In the sandbox gaming world of Minecraft, our inner child can create to their heart's content. Our products are based on the customers wishes and our own interests, we develop fascinating game worlds, 3D-characters and thrilling challenges. There is no limit to creativity here, so come and see for yourself because we’re confident that we will delight you!


Home is, where the server lives

One can feel the most secure when they know their belongings are stored safely. This is exactly why we keep our server landscape under our own control and offer our customers to become part of this secure network. You too can profit from the maximum reliability and dedicated support, updated regularly and actively maintained, by Rareloot experts.


Always up to date

Hardware and software are developing rapidly, and offer opportunities, which compared to the last decade, certainly astonish, nevertheless, not every user needs the newest hardware. With specialised information we can help you achieve the reduction of cost and long-term optimisation of your system, whether for work or private use.


Prevention protects from data theft

Regular cyber maintenance and professional administration of infrastructure can put a stop to unwanted access to your devices, data or services. Lean back and let our IT-team support you thoroughly. We provide active security for all your devices!



Curious to conquer the world of Minecraft with us? Are you keen to take the first steps on the Minecraft marketplace and to manifest your ideas together with a friendly and motivated team? What sounds like a dream, is only a click away. Contact our Team today, and conquer the Minecraft marketplace with your ideas!


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