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We are Rareloot! A talent community working together since 2018 to create beautiful Minecraft experiences! As an official Minecraft partner with a passion for creating memorable gaming experiences, we pride ourselves on developing high-quality products for the Minecraft marketplace. So far, we have released over 500 maps, skins, and texture packs on the Minecraft marketplace, and new ones are added weekly.

In our team we combine technical expertise, creativity and attention to detail. We love to learn from each other, share the joy of Minecraft development and thus constantly expand our goals and ambitions. You want to conquer the Minecraft marketplace with your ideas? We will accompany you - take you by the hand and offer you a comprehensive service and support package that will help you turn your Minecraft visions into reality. Don't hesitate and contact us today!


Our easy-to-use online dashboard provides clear and concise project management tools, including to-do lists, financial metrics, chat features, statistics, and more. The handy online interface makes it simple to keep track of team progress and ensure that projects stay on track. With its easy-to-navigate layout and wealth of features, our dashboard is the perfect solution for everyone looking for an effective way to manage their Minecraft projects. So why wait? Join our community! Sign up today and see how our dashboard can take our Minecraft projects to the next level!

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Our experienced team of developers and designers supports you with your IT projects! We take care of development, corporate design, hosting and many other tasks for you competently and transparently.

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